Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back from the dead

Hey, everyone!
I'm basically back from the dead - the last "actual" post was back in March... jeez. When I loaft, I really do loaft.
By the way, my name is June. In case you forgot...
...have you forgotten?

Seriously speaking though, I wasn't in a position to sit down and post regularly until now. At one point, I temporarily took the blog down because I felt guilty seeing the same post over and over again on the top of the blog. LOL.
Anyways --- everything has calmed down, and I'm (kinda) back in time for the summer bloggy season! Nomsayin'?

It's been a long time since I posted... I feel kinda awks. Can you tell? It's like...

So. Welcome back to my blog, yo~


I didn't want to start of blogging straight with a review, because those can get a little boring at times. Like, do you really want to read me ramble about a product? Or do you want to listen to my random, fascinating adventures of life?
Please, say the latter. 
(I don't really have any fascinating life adventures, but let's pretend I do.)

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, I guess you still got updates here and there.
(Lol jk i barely update those too.)
(Lol i promise i'm not blatantly poking you to my social media i promise)

Speaking of Instagram and Twitter, it (totally smoothly) brings me over to my next topic of discussion!

Don't you hate it when you accidentally "like" something? 

I rage-tweet about this sometimes (yes, multiple times), because I have the incurable curse of the "chubby fingers". 
Or the "clumsy fingers".
Or the "clumsy brain". 
Or the "involuntary-double-tapping-of-the-middle-of-the-screen". 
Take what you will. 

Random story - I was Instagram-stalking one of my old, old crushes from back in the day. This is like, an 7-8th grade crush we're talking about. It was a random day of stalking.

And I come across this picture that he uploaded from like, longer-ish ago. It was a picture he took of a "Church of scientology", probably somewhere in downtown Toronto.
Caption (jokingly): Sunday service 

On top of insta-stalking a guy who I haven't talked to for years, I accidentally "like" that specific picture. (Out of the 50+ other pics he had)
Hello, please kill me now. 
I'm still cringing.

And you know that "____ has liked your picture!" notification that you get? 
Oh GOD. 

Commence 15 minutes of googling "does notification show up if your IG is private"
"How to hide notifications from yourself"
"How to make your IG private"
"How to change your IG username"
"How to delete IG account"
"How to live life after accidentally 'liking' IG pic"

And at that point, he probably already saw it. But wao, that was 15 min of sheer "ohgodohgod" until I got over it.
Anyways, yeah. That was my random story of the day.

Yeah, so back to blogging!
I'll probably start blogging beauty/makeup-related things soon enough, because... that is kinda basically what my blog is kinda about.
Skincare or makeup? Hmm.

So... this is basically a better update than last night's pansy-ass update.
(Like really, what was that?)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hi, I'm alive

I'm alive!

Will be posting something new in the upcoming days, yo. But yeah - I'm alive! Wow! Hi!~ (:
Yolo post because I just feel like it's been way too long.

...."Yolo post". Lol.

(Btw, new blog banner! Can you spot my dog? Can you spot the "Junniku" spelled out on the little dress? Cool, eh?)

Monday, March 17, 2014

[Review] Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

Crunch those pores, son. 

Heeeeeylo. After a good month or so, I am back with yet another review that might possibly change your life.
Mmkay - finally publishing a post after a good month+ feels... awkward. I won't lie. 

I have Etude House's "Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub" with me today, woo!~

Credits: Etudehouse.co.kr

Admittedly, I haven't tried too many Etude House skincare products. I like to lean closer to the Laneige, IOPE and Sheseido brands for skincare, but mainly because I trust those brands and have been using them since forever.

But hmm - dangggggg, Etude House. I like this product of yours.

Click "read more" for more.

Friday, January 31, 2014

[Review] Mizon honey black sugar scrub

My first review in 2014! (I know...)
I haven't been that great with keeping up with my blog, but after all the holidays and a month of lazying around, I'll be writing up a storm now! Yes?

If you live in Toronto, you know how cold it's been lately (or anywhere nearby, really). My face is really sensitive in the wintertime, and I'm terrified about being outside for too long. My skin actually burns. Ice burn? Cold burn? 

Not sure what it's called exactly, but its red and hella painful for a good week or two. When I have a cold-burn and wash, tone or moisturize my face... it blinds me for a few seconds because of the shearing pain.
I kid you not. 
(Have you guys ever experienced this too? Or is it just me and my freaky skin?)

Anyways, the wintertime calls for some serious skin-pampering. I need me my skin stuff.

I'll be reviewing Mizon's "honey black sugar scrub" today for y'all. Featured in my September haul, I've had this product for quite awhile now. (My brother bought it for me. Thanks Dan.)


I'm sure most of you have heard of Skinfood's black sugar scrub. This is basically the same thing, but the Mizon brand. Mizon's well known for their snail products (i.e. snail repair cream). Other than the snail cream, I haven't tried too many Mizon products.

Black sugar powder, or black "strap" powder?

"Mild exfoliation with natural sugar and rich skin nourishing with honey. Experience smooth, radiant skin immediately."
(*NOTE: Some of the jars have a different description underneath the "Special Therapy Honey Black Sugar Scrub". I'm pretty sure this one is the newer version, though the product is exactly the same.)

The scrub comes in a little plastic jar, and no spatula is included. When you twist open the jar, a thin, plastic cover covers the product from air exposure or spillage.

- 90g of product

- Approximately $13 on eBay
This is a tad more expensive than Skinfood's sugar scrub, which sells for approximately $10 (eBay). If you're looking to buy this particular scrub, I'd recommend eBay's Korean sellers.

Product claims
- Complete removal of dead skin cells
- Clears blackheads and whiteheads
- Controls excess sebum 
- Moisturizes and softens skin texture (Olive oil, grape seed oil, meadow foam seed oil, sunflower seed oil)
- 35% black sugar powder

Scent, texture, etc. 
When I first opened it, I was like "OMG. ". It smells absolutely amazing, so sweet and tasty...smelling... ya.
It smells like Pepsi. I personally don't like excessive fragrance in skincare, but omg I like this.

The product itself looks basically like the Skinfood sugar scrub - dark brown, with visible sugar grains. Texture is exactly what you'd expect from a sugar scrub. Grainy and slippery. I actually found it surprisingly hard to scoop a good amount with my fingers.

New and untouched~

It just looked so pretty... lol.


If you've never tried a sugar scrub like this before - basically, it feels like a "St.Ives apricot scrub", but slightly bigger and rounder grains. (With the St.Ives, you can feel the jagged edges of the apricot - you only feel round beads with Mizon's scrub.)

There are lots of grainy sugary stuff in here! It feels pretty exfoliating when you apply it to your face.
It does feel a little "waxy" though.

Doesn't show much... but let me tell ya - this hand was SOOOOOOFT.


I've never used the Skinfood sugar scrub, but I can safely say that Skinfood and Mizon's sugar scrubs are basically the same thing. If you're happy with your Skinfood, you'd probably be happy with this.

The biggest issue I found with this product? 
It takes FOREVER to wash off. Forever and a half.
It doesn't sound like a big deal, but seriously. The waxy and oily feeling on my face... it was a struggle to get rid of. I have to wash and scrub my face for a good 10 minutes to get the feeling off.

But after The Struggle, my skin is super duper soft. You think a baby's butt is the softest, smoothest thing in the world?
My friend... you are horribly wrong.

It's yo face after using this product!

Skin improvements?

I think Mizon's scrub really does exfoliate your face effectively - my face is incredibly soft and smooth after using it. Honestly, the 10 minutes of hardcore washing is bothersome (and not too great for the skin), but I like to use this once in a while to get that super duper softness.
If I'm not feeling lazy. 

As for its blackhead/whitehead clearing claims... nope, doesn't do anything about those.
Straight up - I still have my blackheads here and there. For the blackhead/whitehead clearing claims, they don't own up.

Repurchase? Final thoughts.

I will not repurchase this again. Mizon scrub - thanks for making my skin so soft, but that's all you're really good for. I'm looking for something that can exfoliate my skin, but also clears blackheads and actually makes my skin better.
(As opposed to simply just making it soft)

For $13, I could've gotten (or put money towards) skincare that really helps my face. To make it softer, smoother and clears the problem areas that I have.

You might like this product if you:
- Have dry skin
- Flaky skin
- Having smooth, soft, moisturized skin is most important for you (as opposed to having all that, and clearing acne)

Otherwise... I'd skip this.
Like so many skincare products out there - it's not horribly bad, but there's always something better (and for a similar price).

What about you?
Have you used a sugar scrub before? Skinfood? Mizon? 
What's your favourite exfoliator? Do you use peeling gels or scrubs? (Or something else?)

Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored. My opinion cannot be bought.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My christmas 2013

So I'm kinda back! Exams are basically done, and I have a couple of days to just chill out. "Chilling out" basically means hibernating for a few days. 

Though I won't be home for Christmas, the tree is up and the house has a festive mood going on. Since this is the first Christmas blogging, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek into our Christmas decorating shenanigans - mainly, my tree. 

The Tree 

Every year, I'm basically the one who decorates the tree - and we usually put it up like, December 26th. Really, really late. 
And we keep it up till March... lol. #lazy

I'm the one who puts up the tree, and I'm also the one who picked all the ornaments out. Our house doesn't really have strong Christmas family traditions, you see. So none of our ornaments have a particular story, or were made by ourselves.

The more ornate ornaments were handmade... just not by us...
That makes it just as special, right?
...lets pretend it does.............

On a side note, we don't have a Christmas stocking tradition! I have never had a stocking in my entire life.... :(
Do you get stockings stuffed? 

Some of you guys might remember, but I wrote a "facts about me" post a few months back. In it, I mentioned that I was obsessed with anything handmade. That includes ornaments, lol.
So when I saw all these fancy ornies (lol...ornies) in a store, I jumped on them and hoarded them all.

There are a few ornaments that weren't purchased, but came in little chocolate baskets as decorations. I just stuck them on the tree. Recycling! 

On a side note, LOVE those Chocolate baskets that everyone gifts during Christmas. I can gobble everything in a basket by myself, hohohohohoho.
(On another side note, those baskets look so full, but basically it's just a single chocolate bar and a pack of hot chocolate mix... humph.)

The strand of pearl/crystal/glass/plastic balls (or whatever they are) are basically the only thing on the tree that is "ours". No Christmas tree of mine is finished without The Strands.

I have no idea where we got them, but we've had these strands for the longest time. I remember playing with them when I was a baby.
I also remember "leashing" my baby brother with them and dragging him around the kitchen.

Cabbage... flower... cabbageflower.

One of the "recycled" ornaments is this white cabbage-y looking flower thing. My mom went to this random flower arranging class a few years ago, and came home with a basket... of fake arranged flowers.

When that basket eventually fell apart, I kept the biggest parts and stick them on the tree every year. I'm such a good hoarder recycler. Pat on the back, pls.

Oh my goodness The Shiney. Look at all that glitter oh myyyy. Oh myyy. My eyes just feast on the glitter and I find an inner happiness in the depths of my cold hard Christmas-deprived soul.
Am I scary yet

More random pictures

That's enough of the tree, now let's look at the random little knick knacks! (i.e. I went camera-happy and just took a few more random, stumble-around-the-house-while-pressing-the-button photos).

These 4 little houses are Christmas houses! Can you tell?
My cousin bought us these last Christmas, and they're actually so cool. Each house has a tiny button, which plays music when you press it. The houses are sold separately, but if you have all 4, there's a special "set" effect.
I LIKE. *___* 

(And the random Santa on the side is from a wine bottle. Lol.)

This is a former Godiva chocolate basket, which we got as a gift a few years back. Everything inside was really, really yummy... there was just so little of it. I was sad.
But the sled packaging thing was really cute, so I was happy.

(And the random bow on the sled is from... I'm not sure, but I picked it up somewhere and stuck it on there.)

I'm pretty sure my mom made this half-wreath thing, but I can't be too sure. It looks like she made it. I'll have to ask her about it.

My friends, this is my dog's worst enemy.
She's absolutely terrified of this mini Santa figure (I think it's because it towers over her, and she's scared of big stuff).
It's hilarious, though. Every time I bring it out from the basement, she goes running. 

I like the fancy-ness of Santa's outfit. He's carrying a fancy shmancy snowflake, while wearing a fur trimmed robe thingymajig. #fashionablesanta

Santa is carrying a bunch of fruits and a bunch of ice-frosted tree branches! #natureman

I bought this snowglobe when I was in 6th grade. I had a snowglobe phase. 
On a random side note, the falling "snowflakes" are HUGE. Why are they so huge? If snowflakes were that huge in real life, it would be quite scary. 

So that finishes today's review! I really liked rambling today, hehe - it's a nice breath of freshness from the usual product reviews. 

So! What about you?
- Have you decorated yet? 
- Do you decorate? 
- What are some of your Christmas traditions?
- Do you have stockings? (I am so jealous.......)
- Do you go "all out" with Christmas decorating? 
- What does your tree look like?
- Do you have special ornaments that you made yourself? 
- Do you buy 100% of your tree ornaments? 
- Why am I asking so many questions?
- Can you tell I'm excited?

If you wrote a Christmas/holiday-related post on your blog, please link it in the comments below! I'd love to read it! 
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